Huffman coding in Java

I’m going through my list of interesting assignments that are worth writing about and now is Huffman coding‘s turn. Simply put, we had to create a completely functioning file format implementing a compression method based on Huffman’s coding. The implementation of the coding itself is well documented, but the header of the file is the part that interests us. How can we describe the dictionary for the coding the most efficiently? Continue Reading →

A .NET 2.0 tooltip provider

The ProvideProperty attribute and the IExtenderProvider interface allows a provider Component to provide properties for other Components. These added properties will then appear on the Visual Studio Designer to be set and even localized just like any other property. This is very useful to create helper components such as a tooltip provider because it needs to provide a different tooltip text for every Component. Continue Reading →

Sudoku solver

I recently had to build an optimized Sudoku puzzle solver for a homework which turned into a contest between students. I was part of a team of three and we competed again six similar teams… And we won! Here, I will discuss the algorithm we used. Continue Reading →

A story about fonts

While creating this blog, I had to make many decisions about layout, color, etc. and finally font. But I’m a pragmatic. I want usability, and my most important design goal is all about KISS! Yet, simple to read and navigate doesn’t necessarily mean simple to create… Continue Reading →

Inner label in ComboBox

You’ve seen this kind of label on a dropdown menu before right? (the example is from

A dropdown menu with an inner label from the homepage of

Yes, of course you did. And so did your customer. So you are not at all surprised when he says he wants that in his Windows Forms application. Easy enough, you should be done within a few minutes, yet you refrain from telling him that (but that’s matter for another post). Continue Reading →